Free Talk: What is Folklore?

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  Hallo everyone, now it's my turn to give a free talk, and I want to talk about: folklore(which Chinese means "民俗").

  About three weeks ago, we nine students all missed our English class, about "love and mirrage", it's such a pity, because we were so busy perparing for the annual meeting of China Folklore Society. More than 200 scholars from all over our country, from Taiwan, and from Japan, gathered in our university. We were so tired, but in the same time, we were also proud, proud of our university, and proud of our major.

  So what is floklore? It may be difficult to explain clearly in a short time, so I want to take three examples.

  First. If you watch Forth the Voice of China, then you may remember one name: 张磊. There is a time, "南山南" can be heard everywhere, when you are driving, when you are shopping, even in your QQ Space, your friends may be crazily sharing. This may be the power of folk. Played with a guitar, one can sing freely to express his feelings, about love, about life, about classmates and roommates, such as "同桌的你" or "睡在我上铺的兄弟". Their leisure time must full of enjoyment and happiness, and I think this happiness is what folklore means.

  Second. Let's image a short play. It happened in England in 18th century, a gentleman and a lady hang on the street. So to be plite and protect the lady, the gentleman would walk right beside the lady, because people there walk along left of the street. After a while, they become tired, so they take a "car", horse-carrage? It may be a little tall, so lady first or gentleman first? Gentleman first. Because it's not so convenient, after the gentleman gets on, then he will give a hand. This is custom, some may be universal, while others special, they diffent in countries, diffent in areaes, diffent in nationalities, even diffent between men and women. So there is an old saying: Do in Roma as the Romans do.


  Third. As we all know, from 1978, our country has experienced rapid development, but I don't know whether you realize two phenomenons. On the one hand, a lot of people come to city for a job, and after many years' hardworking, they settled there, so their countrysides left behind; On the other hand, with the expand of city and the construction of road especially highway, many countrysides were destoryed. As a result, between 2000 and 2010, more than 900 000 countrysides disappreared, about 25% of the total. I also come from a small countryside, and still remember that: the air is fresh to breathe, the river is clean, you and your friend fishing or swimming there, and what you eat is green food. Our leader calls that "乡愁"。

  In conclusion, what is folklore? Flok means ordinary people, Lore may mean their wisdom, their custom, and their lifestyle. It is just my own opinion, may be not corrcet. Thank you for listening.

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