Globalization and the Making of Religious Modernity in China

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作者Thomas Jansen, / Thoralf Klein / Christian Meyer(eds.) 
出版社: BRILL
副标题: Transnational Religions, Local Agents, and the Study of Religion, 1800-Present
出版年: 2014-5-15
定价: $194.00
装帧: Paperback
ISBN: 9789004271500

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Notes on contributors
Introduction: Globalization and the Religious Field in China, 1800-Present
Thomas Jansen, Thoralf Klein and Christian Meyer
Part I. The Transformation of the Religious Field in China: The Changing Role of the State
1. Managing Chinese Religious Pluralism in Nineteenth-century City God Temples
Vincent Goossaert
2. Political Religion in Twentieth-Century China and Its Global Dimension
Thoralf Klein
Part II. Global Currents and their Local Refractions
3. The Christian Century of South China: Church, State, and Community in Chaozhou (1860-1990)
Joseph Tse-hei Lee
4. Sectarian Religions and Globalization in Nineteenth Century Beijing: The Wanbao baojuan 萬寳寶卷 (1858) and other examples
Thomas Jansen
5. Beyond Globalization and Secularization: Changing Religion and Philanthropy in Lukang, Taiwan
Robert Weller
6. ‘Mrs. Ma’ and ‘Ms. Xu’: On the Attractiveness of Denoting Oneself a ‘Buddhist’ in the Increasingly Transnational Milieu of Urban Taiwan
Esther-Maria Guggenmos
7. Globalization vs. Localization: Remaking the Cult of Confucius in Contemporary Quzhou
Xiaobing Wang-Riese
8. Tibetan Buddhist Books in a Digital Age
Hildegard Diemberger
Part III. Chinese-Western Encounters: Global Visions and Cultural Flows
9. A Modern Ruist Religious Vision of a Global Unity: Kang Youwei’s Utopian Vision and its Humanistic Religious Refraction in European Sinology
Lauren Pfister
10. The Buddhist-Christian Encounter in Modern China and the Globalization of Culture
Lai Pan-chiu
Part IV. Knowledge Transfer, Academic Networks, Identity, and the Study of Religions
11. How the ‘Science of Religion’ (zongjiaoxue) as a Discipline Globalized ‘Religion’ in Late Qing and Republican China, 1890-1949 – Global Concepts, Knowledge Transfer, and Local Discourses
Christian Meyer
12. Negotiating Cultural and Religious Identities in the Encounter with the ‘Other’: Global and Local Perspectives in the Historiography of Late Qing/Early Republican Christian Missions
Dirk Kuhlmann
13. Sino-Christian Theology: Treading a Fine Line between Self-determination and Globalization
Chloë Starr

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